Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
"Wear Mask Even At Home" telangana health director on spread of COVID-19 New Strain

“Wear Mask Even At Home” Telangana health director on spread of COVID-19 New Strain

Counselling people about the severity of the new strain of COVID-19, Dr G Srinivasa Rao, Director of Telangana Public Health on Wednesday requested everyone in the state to wearmask even at home. “From now on, wear a mask even at home. If you return home from outside and remove your mask, there is a possibility of infecting your family members and they could lose their lives,” the Health Director advised.

futhur he added that the newstrain of the COVID-19 spreading fastly and it is airborne.

“For the past four weeks, COVID-19 cases have been increasing rapidly. The situation will be the same for the next 4-6 weeks. If the situation continues like this, our state will also turn into a Maharashtra. Already some people are struggling to find beds. If this rate of infection continues, even if the government makes necessary arrangements there is a possibility of shortage of beds,” Dr Rao said.

Giving an insight of new strain COVID-19 , he said, “If a person in the house contracts the virus, the entire family will get infected within a matter of hours to two days. There is no doubt that the virus is now airborne.”

He also said that “If people don’t follow self-restrictions and self precautions, the situation will turn worse. The present strain of virus is spreading at a high pace.”

According to the medical bulletin issued on Wednesday, Telangana has reported 2,157 new COVID-19 cases, 8 deaths and a total of 25,459 active cases.

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