Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Telangana government with the new commercial policy

Telangana government has taken steps to set up a first place in the country to facilitate the establishment of facilitators in the country. The government has released a number of provisions to facilitate the provision of 58 services as part of a facilitating commercial policy, linking them with Telangana Industrial Permits and Self-Confirmation. The government has decided to register a document on registration of registration documents, commercial taxes, and bookmarks in a single day in a newly simplified business system.

The inspection report, which envisages execution of the building plan in the municipality, has issued a resolution to complete the registration of the inspection report for the producer and dealer registration in the civil supplies department. Under the Registration of Renewal Cooperative Societies Registration Act of the Labor Department, the government has ordered the registration of cooperative societies within three days.

Acknowledgments for industrial subsidies, restoration of green industries in the Pollution Control Board, Road Authority approval for Electric Connection and Inspection Report of Inspection of Buildings have been made within a week. The certification certificate of the buildings and the occupation certificate should be issued within eight days. The regulatory approval for drugs has been issued, licensing of wholesale license, issuing license to retailers, and setting up of the electrical system within 14 days.

The business license, under the Minutes-Measures Act, has decided to mitigate the assets within 15 days and allow the renewal of renewal and renovation of the Orange category industries within 21 days of boilers. In accordance with the Contract Labor Act, ownership issued by the company has stated that under registration of migrant workers under the registration of the shop and trade entities, within 30 days.

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