Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Telangana government to monitor online sales and transactions

 With Amazon setting up its largest fulfillment centre Telangana state,  the idea of regulating online trading or mobilizing tax revenue from these sales would be withdrawn was expected from the Telangana State Government.

Special amendments are said to be brought up by the Telangana government to law focusing on monitoring online sales and transactions in Telangana state. New software is being prepared by the state’s commercial taxes department that will raise the level of vigilance on transactions in hotels, corporate hospitals and ticket sales in cinemas.

The tip offs on such practices will be rewarded with Rs 50,000 or 10% of amount of the tax collected by Telangana government.

Rs.6, 200 crore more VAT was collected in financial year 2014-15 by Telangana government compared to the previous financial year

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