Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Viewing pornographic content has been decided as one of the contributors to the crime against women by the special committee constituted by Telangana CM KCR. With such a strong recommendation, the telangana government has taken a stand to block all the obscene material freely available on the Internet. CID was given the job of identifying the porn stuffed websites and Facebook accounts a couple of weeks back.

After some extensive research, CID has come up with a list of 1500 websites and 5000 Facebook Pages that’s promoting explicit content and submitted the report to Home Ministry department of Telangana. As the Internet Service Providers need a clear directive from DoT [Dept of Telecommunication] to ban a particular site, Home Minister Naayini Narasimha Reddy has forwarded the extensive list to Central Government on behalf of Telangana government.

Though there were many cases/recommendations like these recorded in the past, the ban wasn’t imposed until now. We need to see if Telangana government can succeed in doing so.

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