Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Some Unanswered Queries on Missing Ornaments in Bhadrachalam

Some questions were unanswered pertaining the issue of the missing ornaments of the Lord Sitramachandra Swamy temple in Bhadrachalam which were recovered on Saturday.

Some of them suspect that the officials allowed the culprits to make replicas of the ornaments and place them again in the lockers of the temple.

The officials had concluded, after searching the lockers several times that the ornaments worth Rs 2.13 lakh were missing. A complaint was lodged at the police station about the “theft” of Ornaments and cops had started investigations.

When the officials searched again, they found the missing ornaments. A devotee asked how is it possible.The ornaments were donated by an NRI in 2012. The officials had been searching the ornaments since Saturday morning.

But they only found them in the evening. There are some allegations that the officials gave time for the culprits to make replicas of the ornaments and place them instead of the original ones. And also allegations of a tussle for dominance among the priests serving at the temple. The government does not want to let this matter to light and thus allowed the guilty to make another set of ornaments to replace the missing ones, so as not to hurt the sentiments of devotees.

The cops also took the case seriously, complained sources.

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