Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Pension for HIV Infected Patients

The issuing of social security pensions for vulnerable tribal groups aged between 50 years and 65 years and to HIV-infected patients is being delayed as the State government did not make necessary changes in the website to allow the uploading of these applications.

The district administration had also identified the dejected women – married but living alone as their husbands left them without divorcing them – for issuing the pensions, but the officials are waiting for further directions from the State government.

Unlike other beneficiaries under old age pension scheme, the State government has announced that they would issue pensions to vulnerable tribal groups all those who aged above 50 years, but government has failed to make appropriate changes in the website to allow the uploading these applications.

The HIV positive people and vulnerable tribal groups have appealed to the State government to immediately issue pensions to them.

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