Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

KCR tells Naidu to Compete with them in development


Referring to objections raised by Andhra Pradesh counterpart, KCR said the Telangana government was well within its right to rename the Agriculture University which was in the 10 schedule. Bifurcation of institutions was being done as per rules and procedures. “There is no point in fighting.

Let’s adopt live and let live policy”, KCR advised N. Chandrababu Naidu. In this connection he said the statues touted as representative of ‘our culture’ did not represent the Telangana ethos and history at all.

More government institutions in Telangana are in for a change of nomenclature soon. This was hinted by Chief Minister KCR, while renaming the Acharya N.G. Ranga Agriculture University after the Telangana ideologue, Prof. Jayashankar on Wednesday. “This is only the beginning. More changes are in the offing. Names of institutions listed in the Reorganisation Bill will be changed”, he remarked.

kcr objections on chandra babu naiduKCR had a dig at Mr. Naidu on the fee reimbursement issue and said the latter talked of building a capital better than Singapore but had no money to pay for the students. “If you want to compete, then do so in development and extending benefits to farmers”, he told Chandrababu Naidu much to the delight of the large number of farmers present.

Right now, the situation was critical and the government was doing its best to get power from other states and to tap solar energy. Referring to the power situation, he asked farmers to bear with him and not play into the hands of the Opposition. Next year, things would be slightly better and in the third year farmers would be provided 24-hour power supply.

He also took on Ponnala Laxmaiah, Congress leader, for faulting the Telangana government. Mr. Laxmaiah should be ashamed of his criticism since the power crisis was the result of his own government’s policies in the past.


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