Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

The Cyberabad police cracked the case of “godman” robbing the family of Rs 1.3 crore within 24 hours and arrested the fake baba in Bengaluru on Thursday.

Baba-turned-con man, who was invited by Lifestyle owner G Madhusudhan Reddy to perform puja in his house to invoke blessings of gods to double his property, fled with the booty.

Cyberabad police crack the sensational robbery of fake godman robbing a family of Rs 1.3 crore in 24 hours. The baba is identified as Shiva who hails from Kuppam mandal in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

The fake baba is identified as B Shiva alias Ravi, alias Siva Swamy, alias Siva Baba. He hailed from Vendagampalli village under Kuppam mandal in Chittoor district.

The baba lured the businessman with the “rice-pulling” trick, promising to double his property. In fact, this fake baba was arrested by KPHB police in 2014 when he  cheated gullible people on the pretext of ensuring that their money was doubled by magic. Several such cases are pending against him the police said.

The police said Mohan Reddy, an old acquaintance of Madhusudhan Reddy, introduced the baba to the latter. Madhusudhan Reddy had invited the fake godman to Hyderabad to perform prayers at his renovated house. “Reddy’s family booked a car and a hotel room for the accused through Goibibo website. On Wednesday morning, he checked into the hotel and started prayers at 10 am which lasted till 4 pm.

“Making them believe that he wanted to perform prayers, Shiva asked Madhusudhan Reddy’s son Sandesh to collect the cash in a bag and go along with him,” said Banjara Hills Inspector K Srinivas. The baba, along with Sandesh and the car driver, went to Ohri’s hotel.

There Shiva drugged Sandesh and fled with the cash. “Shiva asked car driver Shahjahan to drop him at Banjara Hills Road No. 1. From there, the baba fled. The car driver was caught near Mahbubnagar,” the Inspector said. “Reddy’s house is under renovation and the CCTV cameras in the house are non-functional.

Due to the recent gales, CCTV Cameras installed on the Banjara Hill Road No. 12 stretch have become non-functional,” said the Inspector. As many as six teams were formed to nab the fake baba and one them was sent to Bengaluru. A copy of driving licence of the baba was also recovered from the hotel, the Inspector added.

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