Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Recent arrest by police confirm that fack currency is circulating in telangana State. Fake Currency gang spend the fake money in local shops, where unsuspecting shopkeepers and villagers never spotted the cleverly printed fakes. It was only when the notes were taken to a bank did someone notice that they were counterfeit.

Bank officials at Metpally found Rs 8,000 in counterfeit currency with a depositor. Following police investigation, 25 people were arrested. A large amount of fake notes smuggled from Malda is already in circulation in Telangana state.

fack currency in telanganaFake Currency is common in many villages and small towns across Telangana state.At Matwada in Warangal, police arrested Armed Reserve constable Galli Sudhakar and a woman, S. Rajitha, who had with them a few lakhs in fake currency.The duo later confessed they had travelled to Malda and had smuggled in the cash. Police in adasivpet in Medak, Mominpet in Ranga Reddy,places in Adilabad and Nalgonda have carried out similar counterfeit busts in the last two years.

Last week, the Ranga Reddy police arrested two persons at Mominpet with fake notes. One of them confessed that he had been visiting Malda for four years. Meghavath Prakash had circulated the fake notes elsewhere in the state before coming to Ranga Reddy district.

Gangs based in Malda either use their own agents or local agents from Telangana to pump the fake currency into semi-urban and rural areas where law enforcement is comparatively weaker than in the cities.

Police officials say this is one reason that the Malda rackets encourage agents from rural areas and small towns. Apart from fake Rs1,000 and Rs 500 notes, lower denomination counterfiet notes have also been smuggled into many villages.

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