Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Every Police station will have Women Police Officers in Telangana State

DGP of Telangana State Mr Anurag Sharma said Women will be empowered only when they become economically independent and come forward to complain about sexual harassment.

With Telangana State government reserving 33 per cent posts for women in the police department, every police station will have women police officers. This move will encourage women to approach the police, Mr Anurag Sharma said at a programme on ‘Awareness on Legal rights and Self defence Techniques’, organised by the Telangana State CID and Hyderabad SHE team.

More police stations and women officers in telangana state may not empower women. Only when they achieve economic independence, they get empowered, he said.

DGP Anurag SharmaHyderabad police commissioner M. Mahender Reddy praised the role of SHE teams in the city. Nearly 100 SHE teams are operating in the city and they carry cameras to record eve teasers in action. “Apart from booking them, they are also counselled along with their parents and families,” the commissioner said.

Telangana police will be installing one lakh CCTV cameras across hyderabad city and they will be linked to the Command Control Center. For providing a one stop multipurpose help center for women, a new counselling center has been opened at HACA Bhavan.

Tollywood actress Manchu Laxmi said there should be a change in the mindset of men towards women. Film star Ramcharan Tej, senior police officials and nearly 3,000 city college girls participated in the event, where they were given awareness on legal issues and taught self defence techniques.

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