Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
Telangana state Covid 19 Patient from Dubai Medical Bill

Dubai Waives Off Rs 1.52 cr Bill Of A Telangana Covid-19 Patient

In India private multi-specialty hospitals are looting Covid- 19 patients by charging lakhs of Rupees in the name of treatment. There were cases wherein these private hospitals were involved in most disgraceful incidents.

Just when we see a lot of negativity, here is a noble gesture of Dubai and its hospital that waived off Rs 1.52 crore bill of a Telangana Covid- 19 patient. Going into details, Rajesh from Jagityal district was working in Dubai and about three months back he was tested positive of Covid virus. He was immediately shifted to government run Dubai hospital for treatment.

For 80 plus days Rajesh was given treatment and after getting cured, he received a bill of Rs 1.52 crore. However Rajesh’s financial status is very low and he was not in a position to pay such huge bill. Learning about this, the hospital waived off the entire bill. Later a few Samaritans bought flight ticket to Hyderabad for Rajesh.

Rajesh returned to Telangana State on Tuesday night and thanked Dubai hospital and others who have contributed to help him. He added that he is indebted to them for his entire life. Guess Indian private hospitals have a lot to learn from this Incident.

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