Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
camels rescued at bangalore telangana Border

87 Camels were made to walk thousands of miles on rocky surfaces and hot blacktopped roads with barely any food and water for slaughter in the meat markets of Hyderabad. But a timely alert from a People for Animals (PFA) member in Bengaluru saved the camels and all the camels were rescued as they crossed the Karnataka-Telangana border.

Almost 90% of camels rescued are sick. “Their hooves were badly injured. They were wounded as they had rested on hard surfaces as opposed to the soft sand they are used to. There were pregnant camels, lactating ones and calves as well.

camels rescued at bangalore telangana BorderThe camels were made to walk from Rajasthan to Bantwaram in Ranga Reddy district of Telangana, a distance of 1,372km.

There are many meat markets in south India and smuggling and slaughter of camels happens every year during festivals. Camel breeders force camels to walk thousands of miles. Camels always sit with a thud, and on a hard surface they end up injuring their knees and bellies.

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