Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
beer production in telangana state

Telangana State Government is preparing for upcoming Hot Summer Season, With the increased
demand for chilled beer in hot season, Telangana state government has asked the breweries in
telangana state to double the beer production to meet the requirements of Telanagana and Andhra
Pradesh state also.

Telangana state is the highest beer consuming state followed by Andhra Pradesh in India. Since
there was no breweries in Andhra Pradesh, It is depending on Telangana state for beer.

This summer alone, Andhra Pradesh required nearly 50 lakh cases of beer. As the demand grows,
the Telangana state government wanted to take the advantage of this as nearly Rs 100crore would
come as revenue in the form of export duty in summer alone.

To achieve revenue targets from the sale of liquor this financial year, State government of
telangana instructed breweries to increase beer production and export the same to the needy
states like Goa, Karnataka, Maharastra, West Bengal and Kerala in March, April and May this

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