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Ayuta Chandi Yagam will be held from december 23 to 27

Ayuta Chandi yagam being planned by chief minister KCR this month is touted as one of the biggest yagnas ever performed in India. Over 1,500 ritviks (priest) and 500 of their assistants from 5 states will perform Ayuta Chandi yagam at the chief minister’s farm house in Erravelli village of Medak district, about 60 km from Hyderabad., Telangana.

The 5 day Ayuta Chandi yagam which is performed to propitiate gods and ensure prosperity, will be held from December 23 to 27. The first four days of atuta chandi yagam includes homam and Chandi Prayanam, while Purnahuthi will be conducted on the last day of the yagam.

Preparations for Ayuta Chandi yagna have begun almost a month ago and chief minister of Telangana KCR is inspecting the works almost every week and monitoring them daily.

KCR Is expected to run up a huge bill for chandi yagam. He had previously declared that the yagam is being planned and will be performed at his own cost. several private sponsors have come forward in creating the required facilities for chandi yagam.

The Ayutha Chandi Yagam or Satha Sahasra Chandi Yagam (equivalent to one lakh Chandi Yagams) being performed by Telangana CM KCR is said to be next only to a similar one performed by Sringeri Peetham in 2011. Over a hundred structures for sacred fire inside a huge ‘yaga shala’ have come up over 12 acres since the `bhoomi pooja’ last month. The priests will recite Durga Sapta Sati 10,000 times (Ayutha) at the rate of 2,000 recitations daily.

For the artistic designs to the Yagashala, Bhojanashala and entrances, an art director named Ramesh has been brought in. An event organizer was also engaged for the gallery works and other coordination works.

“A team of 150 cooks from Chennur in Adilabad district will prepare about 50,000 meals a day for the visitors, including the general public expected to attend the event.

Every Ayuta chandi yagam visitor will also receive prasadam. The dining hall being erected can seat 10,000 people at a time and is spread over 30,000 square feet,”. The facilities for the main chandi Yagam are being made in about 30 acres of the farm house.”The main Yagashala (where the actual rituals are held) covers about 40,000 square feet area and is built with bamboo and paddy straw. One hundred and six Homagundams are being build where groups of 11 Ritviks will perform the Yagnam rituals,”.

Ten cottages are being readied for the seers coming from various mutts and peethams, as also VVIPs like the President of India and governors of different states. President of India Pranab Mukherjee, Governors ESL Narasimhan, Ch Vidyasagar Rao and K Rosaiah, Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu and Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu are among those who have already confirmed their attendance.

The Ritviks coming for chandi yagam will have separate accommodation, keeping in tune with their requirements. With a slew of VIPs expected to attend the Yagam, a helipad is being built opposite the farm house. All the invitees for the Yagam are expected to wear traditional dhoti.

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