Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
coronavirus 2200 Patients Untraceable From Home Isolation in Hyderabad

Over 2200 Covid Patient cases untraceable as private labs ignore test rules in Telangana State.

In what could be a huge shocking thing, about 2200 Covid-19 patients from Hyderabad have gone missing. Very recently the Telangana government has rolled out Home Isolation Kits and while distributing them to people who are in home isolation, the official found this.

“Our local distribution staff are not able to trace the people who are to be given the home isolation kits,” said GHMC additional commissioner for health wing. He added that Covid -19 patients have provided false Phone Numbers and addresses. “There are ten people on just one contact number and when we tried to reach them, the number was out of reach,” added the commissioner.

However, the commissioner added that these people have gone missing because of discrimination and if they are found, we would keep their identities confidential and in some cases people are not accepting home isolation kits out of fear.

Now the GHMC is working on a new strategy to reach out to Covid-19 patients who have mentioned their address in their Aadhar card.

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