Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
20,857 Pilgrimages to Mecca to Perform Haj 2015 from Telangana and AP

As many as 20, 857 persons applied from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states for pilgrimage to Mecca to perform Haj 2015.

According to experts this is the first time that more than 20,000 people submitted their application for the Haj.

Haj committee had received 17002 applications from Telangana including 1529 applications under reserved category and 11, 258 applications from Hyderabad city.

Haj 2015 from telanganaTelangana Haj Committee has entered into an MOU with the Andhra Pradesh government to process the applications.

The Central Haj Committee has allotted a quota of 5380 pilgrims to the combined state of Andhra Pradesh in 2014 according to the Census 2001 and the same quota will be continued this year and it will distributed between Telangana and AP.


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