Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
isis arrested in hyderabad

NIA ( The National Investigation Agency ) has arrested 2 more persons in Hyderabad city as part of its probe into a suspected Islamic State (ISIS) terror module busted in hyderabad city last month.

Naimathullah Hussaini and Mohammad Ataullah Rehman have been arrested for their key roles in the ISIS conspiracy. The 2 Were arrested on Monday after their role is found in terror acts. Rehman, who is a resident of Hyderabad, was involved in radicalising the group members and also for administrating Bayah (oath of allegiance) to the Khalifa (Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi).

42 year old Naimathullah Hussaini was arrested for contributing money to the terrorist fund collected by members of the group. He was appointed as the Amir of the group and participated in key conspiracy meetings.

The NIA had on June 29 busted an IS module by detaining 11 youth during searches at 10 places in the old city of Hyderabad. Five of them were arrested.The two men arresed on Tuesday were among those six who were detained by the anti-terror agency.

The NIA said the youth were conspiring to commit terrorist acts in various parts of the country. According to the agency, they were planning to target public places including religious sites and sensitive government buildings.

Investigations had revealed that these persons who had pledged their allegiance to the ISIS had planned on carrying out two major blasts in Hyderabad. It was found that they had sourced the material well in advance and were ready to carry out the attacks.

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