Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

A 16 years old girl in Bhavaninagar was allegedly raped by her neighbors. This incident came in limelight when the girl complaint stomach pain and was taken to hospital. The doctors told her father that she was pregnant.

Police said that 3 people raped her inside her house in November 2015 when her father and brother were away, and threatened her not to reveal it. The scared girl remained silent for around three months. Police arrested the trio, two cooks and a provision shop employee on monday.

The teenaged girl, whose mother passed away six years ago, was living with her father and brother. Her sister had got married and was living in her husband’s house.

One day when they went outside for work. The trio entered in her house and raped her. Abdul Hameed and Sheik Yunus raped her again next week. Her father lodged complaint on 9th March. The girl was not able to reveal details about the suspects to the police due to trauma.

Police has arrested the trio Syed Abdul Hameed Age 26, Sheik Younus Age 26, and Mohammed Firdous Hussain, all are from Talab Katta. After their arrest, they admitted that they had raped her. The victim was sent to hospital for medical examination.

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